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Thinking of Buying Twitter Followers? Don’t make these mistakes!

Buying followers on Twitter can be sticky business, if done improperly. The practice is meant to build traction and clear the path to organic growth and attracting followers by establishing credibility. However, if done improperly it could be a wasted effort. To make the investment worthwhile a purchaser must be tactful. Here are some pitfalls to avoid when buying followers:

Neglecting to tweet

Sure having a lot of followers has become the main focus of individuals and organizations trying to grow their brand, but your Twitter profile should be more than just a generic prop for the company’s logo. In order to jump start your organic growth, before purchasing followers, you must invest time in your profile and tweet thoughtfully at least once a day. Neglecting to tweet can repel any interest that may exist in your profile.

Buying random followers

Because of the importance of Twitter and followers to gaining credibility on the internet, the market is flooded with vendors selling followers. Many of these sellers, though, are indiscriminate in the followers they collect and sell to purchasers. This indifference can lead to a wasted investment. If the followers you have purchased have no interest in your goods or services, then their followers likely won’t either and you will have wasted funds on followers outside of your target market. When buying followers on Twitter, it is important to find sellers that can aggregate your target audience and provide your with viable leads.

These are two of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying Twitter followers. If done correctly, a Twitter account can boast a mixture of purchased and organic followers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Twitter as a marketing tool

Are you making use of Twitter as your social media marketing? Or has your twitter marketing drop off lately? Either way, the latest updates from twitter trends in multi-screen usage as well as real-time marketing, and it will most likely make you take a fresh look at what Twitter has to offer for your business.

Get to know Twitter

Twitter is a short message communication online media that allows you to send out short messages (up to 140 characters long) to your subscribers (followers).

You are authorized to post links, pictures or even videos which get to be displayed on the timeline of your followers. People get to follow your Twitter account, and you also have the ability to follow other Twitter accounts as well.

Now let’s take a look at how exactly you can make use of Twitter as a marketing tool for your business.

Step 1: Present Your Brand

First, your Twitter account, as well as your Twitter profile, is the foundation of your experience on Twitter. It is the first and basic way to share your business story with the entire Twitter community.

Ensure that the username that you choose should be the same as that which you use on your other social media accounts or if it’s unavailable you should find a close substitute for this. This not only helps people to identify your business, but it also helps them to build some trust in your brand.

Twitter allows you to make use of two images on your profile. You can take advantage of the two to your advantage by telling your business story through these pictures.

Step 2: Build a strong foundation

If you intend to make use of your Twitter account for marketing your business, it is critical that you complete all your twitter account profile thoroughly. Each detail that you enter helps to contribute to your business story a step further.

Step 3: Build your followers

There are lots of ways to get more followers on twitter.  All the steps that you have taken above will almost become futile if there is no one or not so many people are aware of your existence on Twitter. The more followers you have, the better it is for your Twitter business. There are so many ways to get this done, but if you have some cash to spare, the quickest way is by buying followers on Twitter. If you can buy enough quality followers, then you are in business for a long time on Twitter.

Step 4: Start interacting

You should understand that talking on Twitter is a little bit different from other social media sites. It’s a lot of sentence fragments coming in every second, although this might be a little bit hectic, it’s fun too.

Interact with people on Twitter by getting into discussions and also making use of the @_name functionality available here.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

4Social media site Twitter has become the yardstick for online popularity and business acumen. If you don’t have a Twitter following, you aren’t plugged into the network and you aren’t reaching your full business potential. According to author and social network guru Kristen Lamb, social networking is key in developing a brand. Writers, artists, musicians, blue and white collar workers strive to build their Twitter following, and that isn’t always easy. To find followers, you need to grab Twitter users’ interest. The more followers you have, the more you get.

 But how to start?

 Traditional social networking can make it a slow and painful process. You must be witty. Consistent. Knowledgeable. Entertaining. It’s a lot to ask a busy professional or someone just building their business. Some take the simpler path and buy blocks of Twitter followers. It’s easy enough. and are just two companies that provide twitter followers for a fee. Simply click on the link to a site such as, choose Twitter, and buy followers at $10 per one thousand. The payoff? A large following makes a great impression, giving Twitter users that buy these services false credibility. It seems everyone’s doing it, even celebrities, according to Forbes.

 The problem with buying Twitter followers

The reason Twitter is considered such a strong and dependable means of building a brand is the interest of the followers. If you’re an author striving to build your brand, a large following can indicate dedicated readers or possible future readers. The rest grew from word of mouth and through connections with other Twitter users. Standard social networking. But bought followers may have little to no interest in your business and therefore aren’t likely to help build your brand.

 One Twitter follower experiment showed that many of the newly purchased followers aren’t real people at all, insofar as real people are interested and active in the same markets in which the buyer sells. They won’t interact with the buyer, they won’t post any tweets of their own and they certainly won’t spread the word about your brand. In short, you’ll still be Tweeting to an empty room.

 Bots are sometimes used to find real followers, seeking out others in the Twitterverse with similar interests and following them on the buyer’s behalf. Twitter is known for reciprocal action, so they often follow back. Since bots are not always accurate, these reciprocal follows often result in later unfollows by active Twitter users, which does the buyer no good in the long run.

 Followers give new Twitter users a jump start.

 Some twitter users won’t follow anyone with only a few followers of their own. An egg profile picture and a poor following indicate newness to Twitter, which sometimes indicates a bot or a lack of social networking savvy. A few thousand followers purchased for pennies per follower give new users a boost.

 The word is out about fake followers

 That boost may be short-lived if followers employ counter measures, such as, a site offering to help weed out fake followers.

 Even twitter does not approve. According to the New York Times, Twitter filed suit against spammers, “including those who create fake followers.” It’s hard to blame them for taking action. Twitters thrives on real human interaction, not Lady Gaga’s millions of fake followers.

How To Grow Your Following On Twitter

Social media marketing has exploded over the last few years. With Facebook and Twitter leading the ranks of this new way of digital marketing, most smart marketers are taking advantage of these and other platforms. Let’s focus on the Twitter platform, and give a plan of action on increasing your followers.

Choose Your Audience

Before you start tweeting, it’s best to set a target and goal on who you want to attract to your Twitter channel. Are you searching for new clients? Should you focus on suppliers if you’re a big business? Tackle this question first before sending that first tweet.

Tweets Per Day

Schedule and plan how many tweets you’ll be sending out per day. This should include both scheduled and real-time tweets. You’ll sometimes have important information that you’ll want to get out quickly. A good rule of thumb to start with is 15 tweets per day.

Make Your Tweet Plan

After determining how many tweets you’ll be sending out daily, you should set a timeline of how long you want this plan to roll for. Four weeks to eight weeks is a good period of time to plan for initially. After this period of time you can assess how much, and the type of feedback you are getting. Change your plan as necessary.

Keywords To Use

Choosing the correct keywords to use is crucial for attracting the correct audience. Your main goal is connecting with the audience you’ve chosen in step one. Try to not use over five main keywords that describe your goals.

Provide Answers To Different Questions

Your main goal has a marketer is to solve problems. Structure your tweets into different formats to keep your followers entertained and educated. A few different formats include the following examples:

– Ask qualifying questions to your customers.
– Present solutions and tips to your audience.
– Focus on the benefits of your products.
– Send useful links to your blog.
– Include some fun links associated with your audience.
– Give your followers some good third-party resources.

Start Writing

Take the previous steps and combine them into unique content for individual tweets. Remember to keep your audience in mind, use one of your keywords or keyword phrases, and follow one of the previous formats for your tweets.

Timing & Scheduling

After the hard work has been completed, you’ll need to determine the times when your tweets will have the most impact. Keep a record of the times you send them out, and change it up to see if you get more followers at other times. Schedule your tweets by sending them out through one of the many popular scheduling tools such as hootsuite or socialoomph.

Using these tactics will help you get started on a plan of action and eventually increase those followers on Twitter.