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How To Grow Your Following On Twitter

Social media marketing has exploded over the last few years. With Facebook and Twitter leading the ranks of this new way of digital marketing, most smart marketers are taking advantage of these and other platforms. Let’s focus on the Twitter platform, and give a plan of action on increasing your followers.

Choose Your Audience

Before you start tweeting, it’s best to set a target and goal on who you want to attract to your Twitter channel. Are you searching for new clients? Should you focus on suppliers if you’re a big business? Tackle this question first before sending that first tweet.

Tweets Per Day

Schedule and plan how many tweets you’ll be sending out per day. This should include both scheduled and real-time tweets. You’ll sometimes have important information that you’ll want to get out quickly. A good rule of thumb to start with is 15 tweets per day.

Make Your Tweet Plan

After determining how many tweets you’ll be sending out daily, you should set a timeline of how long you want this plan to roll for. Four weeks to eight weeks is a good period of time to plan for initially. After this period of time you can assess how much, and the type of feedback you are getting. Change your plan as necessary.

Keywords To Use

Choosing the correct keywords to use is crucial for attracting the correct audience. Your main goal is connecting with the audience you’ve chosen in step one. Try to not use over five main keywords that describe your goals.

Provide Answers To Different Questions

Your main goal has a marketer is to solve problems. Structure your tweets into different formats to keep your followers entertained and educated. A few different formats include the following examples:

– Ask qualifying questions to your customers.
– Present solutions and tips to your audience.
– Focus on the benefits of your products.
– Send useful links to your blog.
– Include some fun links associated with your audience.
– Give your followers some good third-party resources.

Start Writing

Take the previous steps and combine them into unique content for individual tweets. Remember to keep your audience in mind, use one of your keywords or keyword phrases, and follow one of the previous formats for your tweets.

Timing & Scheduling

After the hard work has been completed, you’ll need to determine the times when your tweets will have the most impact. Keep a record of the times you send them out, and change it up to see if you get more followers at other times. Schedule your tweets by sending them out through one of the many popular scheduling tools such as hootsuite or socialoomph.

Using these tactics will help you get started on a plan of action and eventually increase those followers on Twitter.

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