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Frisco, Texas (PRWEB) January 10, 2012

Corepoint Health is honored to be named the number one interface engine in the 2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report. The 2011 report marks the third consecutive year Corepoint Integration Engine earned this recognition.

The 2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services is a summary of performance data collected over the past 12 months from healthcare IT executives and professionals. Included in the report is a ranking of the top vendors overall, as well as a ranking of the top vendors in key areas of performance.

First and foremost, our gratitude goes to our customers who have completed the surveys and voiced their confidence in our team, our product, and our support, said Phil Guy, CEO, Corepoint Health. We are proud of the relationships we have built with our customers, which truly is a collaborative partnership created from daily, candid conversations. This team philosophy helps Corepoint Health thoroughly understand and address each customer question, suggestion, or initiative.

Corepoint Health Vice President of Client Services Sonal Patel said their KLAS rating consistency is due to the trusting, engaged customer relationships built by diligently listening to customer needs and delivering support that goes beyond a basic answer.

We know our customers integration work is a vital backbone to their healthcare workflows, which is why we pay particularly close attention to their challenges. Our mission is to deliver a complete healthcare integration engine that truly enhances their important initiatives, Patel said. We are grateful for the growing number of customers who have placed their confidence in Corepoint Health.

According to Corepoint Health Chief Technology Officer Dave Shaver, the purpose of Corepoint Integration Engine is to make it easier for health IT professionals to create and maintain complex healthcare interfaces and deliver a high-performing platform that processes data consistently and continuously. Corepoint Health relies on feedback from customers to guide the progression of the development efforts, including the introduction of features that immediately enhance the work customers perform on a daily basis.

We know health IT professionals have a significant workload in developing and maintaining interfaces due to Meaningful Use requirements and the increasing demand for health systems to participate in health information exchanges, Shaver said. Corepoint Integration Engine will continue to provide customers with the confidence to effectively meet these goals with features that enhance the way they develop, test, and manage a growing integrated network and connected care environment.

Corepoint Health is committed to delivering products that help clients build an integration infrastructure capable of quickly adapting to and meeting new demands, which is a key reason why Corepoint Integration Engine became the first interface engine ONC-certified for Modular Ambulatory EHR and Modular Inpatient EHR requirements.

Our customers are at the center of all that we do at Corepoint Health. Our dedication to their success extends to every part of our organization and is reflected in our products and customer support, said Guy. Weve made it our daily mission to proactively take the extra steps, always listen, and fully respond to their needs. This responsiveness fosters a team approach with customers, who provide us with valuable information that keeps Corepoint Integration Engine ahead of changes in the healthcare industry.

The 2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report is available to healthcare providers online for a significant discount off the standard retail price. To purchase the full report, healthcare providers and vendors can visit

We are energized by the number of our customers who actively participate in the KLAS surveys and the positive and open reviews they continue to give Corepoint Integration Engine, Guy said.

About Corepoint Health:

Corepoint Health has the healthcare IT experience and strength to deliver a dramatically simplified approach to internal and external data integration and health information exchange for hospitals, radiology centers, laboratories, and clinics. Our next generation software solutions are transformational and will streamline your IT environment, provide a fast track to achieving your interoperability goals, and create operational leverage within your organization. Corepoint Healths solutions achieve a needed balance of being both intuitive and sophisticated while delivering solid functionality and performance. Our approach significantly reduces the demands on your IT staff and budget.

This is Corepoint Health. This is You Empowered.

About KLAS:

KLAS is a research firm specializing in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare vendors. KLAS mission is to improve delivery, by independently measuring vendor performance for the benefit of our healthcare provider partners, consultants, investors, and vendors. Working together with executives from more than 4,500 hospitals and over 2,500 clinics, KLAS delivers timely reports, trends and statistics, which provide a solid overview of vendor performance in the industry. KLAS measures the performance of software, professional services, medical equipment and infrastructure vendors. For more information, go to, email marketing(at)KLASresearch(dot)comor call 1-800-920-4109 to speak with a KLAS representative. Follow KLAS on Twitter at


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Did ‘#IsraelHates’: Activists Launch New Twitter Hashtag to Bash Jewish State?

Question by : Did ‘#IsraelHates’: Activists Launch New Twitter Hashtag to Bash Jewish State?
Does Israel “hate?” According to some Palestinian activists and their social media enthusiasts, the Jewish state is one of the most violent and horrendous nations in the world — one that some of these individuals claim doesn’t have the right to exist.

Last night, to the surprise and horror of many, #IsraelHates became a word-wide Twitter trend. Now, you don’t have to be a Twitter aficionado to understand the implications of this hate-fueled development.

The “hashtag” (a hashtag is a keyword or topic that is used on Twitter; when hashtags become popular, they “trend.”) is being used to slam the Israeli state, while defending Palestine’s right to take back its self-proclaimed homeland.

So many people around the globe joined in on the anti-Israel bandwagon that the hashtag quickly become one of the most popular in the world. Below, you can see #IsraelHates listed among the most talked about topics on Twitter

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Twitter To Earn $150 Million In Ad Revenue, EMarketer Says

Twitter’s advertising revenue will probably reach $150 million this year according to EMarketer Inc.  This is due to the fact that more companies use Twitter to spread tis marketing messages.

According to Debra Aho Williamson, an EMarketer analyst, the San-Francisco-based Twitter, will probably reach $250 million in 2012 for its ad sales.  Twitter has attracted advertisers such as Nissan Motor Co., Starbucks Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co.

Twitter has been competing with rival, Facebook and companies such as Google Inc. in terms of advertising.  It has over 175 million users worldwide.  Twitter will need to boost its user base while demonstrating that ads posted on its pages are effective, according to Williamson.  She noted, that a December Pew Research Center report said only 8% of U.S. Web surfers use Twitter.

Williamson commented, “the company is definitely attracting brand advertisers.”  She also added, “the difference is going to be whether Twitter can prove itself to advertisers as delivering results.  I think this will be the year that we know a lot more.”

Twitter’s value last month reached $3.7 billion after venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers funded it with $200 million.  In September 2009, it was valued at $1 billion.

On the other hand, Facebook had ad sales in 2007 amounting to $150 million.  EMarketer estimates Facebook’s ad revenue for 2010 is at $1.86 billion.

The leading social networking site has added features than those available on Twitter.  It has more than 500 million users.

According to Williamson, “to boost sales, Twitter is unlikely to unveil a do-it yourself ad service that won’t require contact with salespeople and is similar to offerings on Google and Facebook.  She also added, the service will make it easier for smaller and mid-sized businesses to market their wares on Twitter.”

Williamson also noted, “global expansion will give Twitter an added revenue boost in the coming years.”  Twitter’s overall revenue may include sales from agreements to distribute Twitter information on other sites, including search engines.

Nissan Campaign

The company has “promotional trends” feature that lets its advertisers pay for placement atop a list of the trending topics.  This was popularized by Twitter.  The company also allows advertisers to promote among user searches, alongside suggestions of accounts that users may want to follow.

According to Joshua Clifton, Nissan’s Manager of Social Media Communications, “Nissan used the “promoted trends” tool to market its Leaf vehicle in connection with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month.”  He also added, “the campaign, which ran 24 hours, had more engagement from users than expected.”

Lastly, Clifton said, “we wanted to make ourselves top of mind and be in that part of the conversation.  Our reach was pretty strong.”

CEO Evan Williams Explains the New Twitter Interface

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the new Twitter, which finally provides an official way to share links to Twitter and display the number of times each link has been shared. The new Twitter also allows you to tweet without leaving the page and show you the count for the number of tweets for that particular page. Well, this is an exciting thing!

Below, I have included a short video about the new Twitter interface. The CEO himself will explain it to you. Enjoy watching!

The Awesome Things about the New Twitter

I guess you already have an idea on the new Twitter but I just want to share to you some things I’ve discovered on the new site. Basically here is a video that talks about some of the new functions, the layouts and the designs in this new Twitter.

Here is a quick video I found talking about all those new features.

If you know other videos about this new Twitter, do share it with us.

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