Nine Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Retweeted On Twitter

Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Retweeted On Twitter

One way to get more followers on twitter is by gaining more exposure to different people. You can achieve this by putting interesting updates that will encourage people to retweet your stuff. In other words, they will forward your interesting update to their followers and credit you.

This can help you build followers because a retweet is like a recommendation from someone about your content to all of their followers. Some people might like it loads and start to follow you!

And these are the best type of followers because they are interested in your content and what you have to say!

Now why do we say “scientifically proven” – well quite simply after doing a lot of research the makers of the video will tell you:

  • What the best times to tweet are in order to get retweeted
  • What the most retweeted URL shortners are
  • What the most retweeted topics are
  • Plus lots more

Pretty impressive and all scientifically proven :)

So enjoy the video and I hope that this helps you get retweeted loads which in turn will help you get more followers!

If you would like to view the original report  here it is

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