GroupTweet : Sending Group Messages To Your Twitter Group

GroupTweet will allow you to send a message to your group all at once.  At the same time, GroupTweet converts the message into a tweet that all the followers can see.  In order to start using this Twitter app, you must first create a Twitter account for your group.  Activate your group account on GroupTweet.

There are many advantages of using GroupTweet.  One of which is to communicate privately with a specific group of Twitterers.  It provides a venue for a moderated group chat that can be hidden from participants’ public timelines.  It can be used for question and answer forums within classrooms or company teams or even groups.  It can be applied to link-sharing groups or special interest groups.  It will also help in leveraging the crowd sourcing power of Twitter by organizing topic tweets under a single account.  It will also allow unlimited number of Twitter users to update one Twitter account.  It can also be used as a feedback channel and a conference back channel.

All of the features are free, but to have more control of your Twitter group, you have to upgrade to a Premium Account.
For the free service it includes:

1. Custom Message Templates – Customizes the format in which messages are being broadcasted to the Twitter   group.

2. Private or Public – Group messages can be kept either private or for public view.

3. Group Tweet Directory – This directory is needed to attract new members.

For the Premium Account ($4.99 / month)

Custom Message Templates, Private or Public and Group Tweet Directory features are included, plus the following:

1. High Frequency Polling -  It provides a faster way of delivering messages to your group.

2. Message Moderation – It reviews incoming messages before being broadcast to the group.

3. Author Whitelisting – It specifies which members are allowed to broadcast messages to the group.

4. Priority Support – All of the support requests are handled immediately.

This Twitter app surely enhances the direct messaging features available in Twitter.  It will allow you to send messages to your group fast and more productively.  It is really the best tool to update everyone in your team.  Go ahead and visit their website at .

Tools on How to Organize Your Twitter Account

Twitter is a social networking site that lets you tell the world about your thoughts or what are you doing on a particular moment.  It can let you describe your feelings, your ideas and your activities in 140 characters or less.  Aside from that, Twitter is now also used as a marketing tool for businesses to increase traffic to their websites and to increase blog readers.

It is important to use Twitter tools to organize your Twitter account and use it to its fullest.  An increase in relevant followers and following the right people will surely have an effect in creating traffic to one’s website and increase more visitors to a blog site.  Here are the best tools to use:

1. Your Twitter Karma (

This tool will unfollow Twitter users who do not follow you and follow those who follow you but aren’t being followed by you.  You do not need to manually unfollow Twitter users.

2. UseQwitter (

It will send you a summary through email informing you those who stopped following you on Twitter.

3. Nearby Tweets (

This tool will let you know who is active on Twitter recently and who is tweeting near the location that you have entered.  It will display the most recent updates by those people.

4. Twitblocker (

It will remove spammy accounts that you might be following.  It will also analyze if the twitter accounts are spam accounts.

5. Twitterator (

It will give you options to follow multiple Twitter users at one go.  You can choose 2 options to auto follow: you can enter a URL where link to various Twitter profile is given or you can enter Twitter user line by line to auto follow.

6. My Tweeple (

This tool will allow you, using a single click, to “follow,” “unfollow,” or “block” people.  It is a great way to manage your Twitter people in just one place.

7. SocialToo (

It is a powerful tool that keeps your follower list in sync across networks. You will be able to get daily updates and send surveys to your followers.

8. Twitoria (

It is a tool that will detect which of your followers have been quiet for a long time.  Through this, you want to get rid of followers who haven’t tweeted in a month or two.  Through this tool, you don’t need to go through each individual one and check.

9. Twellow (

A directory for the Twitter users in order to get organized into categories, that brings all the Twitter users of same interest/stream/occupation/specialization together.

10. TweepSearch (

It basically allows you to search for keywords inside the bio of other Twitter users. This is quite useful if you want to find Twitter users with a specific characteristic.

This is useful because it will allow you to find Twitter users with a specific characteristic.  It allows you to search for keywords inside the bio and location information of other Twitter users.

Using these Twitter tools above will surely help create popularity to your website and your blog especially if you are just starting.  They are downloadable and easy to apply.  Just follow the instructions and you are ready to start.

Twitter Tools WordPress Plugin Abandoned? Know How To Make This Twitter Tool Work

If you are a Twitter user and a WordPress blogger, you will definitely need Alex King’s Twitter Tools Plugin. This has been reported by some users to have been abandoned but before you judge whether this still works, might as well try it first.

This Twitter tool will allow you to integrate your WordPress blogs to your Twitter account.  The plugin that is entirely pluggable can make you automatically post all your blogs to your Twitter account.  The plugin will allow you to share information between your blogs and Twitter.

How does this work?  Whenever you have a new blog post, automatically the plugin will post an announcement on your Twitter stream.  Also, you can create 1 blog post of a summary of all your tweets for a specific day and publish it.  This software can also be applied to set up a list of all your current tweets on your sidebar.
It is simple to install the Twitter Tools Plugin:

First, download Twitter Tools Plugin for WordPress.

Second, upload the Twitter Tools Plugin into your plugin directory via FTP.

Third, you have to login into your WordPress admin account.

Fourth, click the Plugins tab of your admin page.

Fifth, in order to activate your Twitter Tools, you have to click on “activate.”

Sixth, click Options tab Twitter Tool or “Configure your settings here.”

Seventh, you must save your Username and Password into the module.

You can also show your updates and tweets on the sidebar for everyone to see.

This tool will help you connect with your readers easily and quickly by giving them updates on Twitter.  This will allow you to get more followers and let them know what is going on with your WordPress blog.  This is very important when you use blogs and Twitter as a marketing tool.  Especially when you are just starting to build yourself, you will need to have more readers to your blog and at the same time to get more followers on Twitter.  The Twitter Tools have great functionality for your blog and this will allow you to extend your brand.  This exciting tool will automatically tweet your posts while publishing it and will surely increase your website readers.

Use Humor To Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most popular networking sites that became particularly important for internet marketers and those who work in the e-commerce industry.  Also, it is the kind of tool that many advertisers use nowadays because it is a cheap, easy and effective way to reach the consumers.  For an ordinary individual, it is the best way to connect with other people and build relationships.  Whatever your purpose is for using Twitter, it is a common denominator that this tool has greatly changed people’s lives.  Since Twitter is a networking site, it surely crosses your mind on how to get more Twitter followers.  How can you connect with more people?

Twitter fanatics are increasing every day, and so is your drive to have a large number of followers.  There are various ways to get more Twitter followers.  Some would post a good and suitable photo or use the business name.  It is also important to put the URL of your website in your Twitter account.  A rule of thumb is to follow those who follow you.  You could also ask your existing followers to retweet your tweets.  Others would use hashtags to gain more followers.  But the most unique way to get more Twitter followers is adding humor to your Twitter account.

There are various ways of putting humor into your Twitter profile.  You can upload a funny video through various Twitter apps available, such as Twiddeo or TwitVid or Tweetube, etc.  You can even post funny sound clips or funny pictures, such as a picture of your dog in order to make your posts fun to follow.  You can also post interesting and funny links in your profile.  There are various websites that are good sources of Tweeting materials or funny stories.  It is like posting a link of a man bites dogs story.  You can even tweet a funny joke or a funny line of a movie or a satire.   These things will surely make you popular on Twitter and increase your followers.

Many people would really want to have more Twitter followers.  I know you are one of them.  Getting more Twitter followers is as easy as A-B-C.  All you need is a funny and an interesting tweet.  Do not forget to have humor in your life.  Since Twitter is part of your life, then add humor to your Tweets.  You will appreciate it better if you click on the link.

How To Get Followers on Twitter

How can you get more followers on twitter?

Wait lets take a step back, is it just about getting twitter followers? I would say it is more about getting targeted twitter followers who are interested in your topic of conversation, or twitter followers that are in your area that can benefit from your services, or people interested in what you are interested in!

Targeted twitter followers, so how do you get targeted twitter followers then you ask?

Well there are many techniques – and tools available that can help you achieve this.

The one thing i would say is content is king. Have great quality content – this will help you grow organically and when you use other methods to grow your following, you will get people that will like what you say.

If you do not have good content, then no matter what method you use, you may get empty followers who dont actually listen to you.

So what tools and methods, instead of writing everything here, why dont i just show you,

you will notice i have a video on the right and a subscription form, just enter your email address and I will show you a video teaching you how to get followers on twitter.

The video is totally free and is better than many of the crappy paid for courses you find online, so check it out and ill see you on the other side :)

Happy tweeting!

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