Top Ten Twitter Tools To Manage Your Twitter Followers And Who To Follow

Twitter is a free social messaging tool that lets people stay in touch through text messaging updates of up to 140 characters.  It will allow you to post your thoughts and activities during the day.  Messages can be posted through the Twitter website, SMS text messaging, instant messaging, email, RSS or through other social networking sites, such as Facebook.

There are several tools that will allow you to get more Twitter followers.  But you will also need tools that will help you manage your Twitter followers and who to follow.  They are the ff:

Friend or Follow
This Twitter tool will help you separate “People Who Don’t Follow Me Back,” “People I Don’t Follow Back,” and “Mutual Follows.”

We Follow
It uses “Tags” to allow you to add yourself in the “We Follow” directory.  This will allow you to find more similar Twitter Users.  It also puts your Username out there so that others will find it as well.

It is also known as “Chirpstats.”  This will let you know how your Twitter account is doing.  It will send you stats regularly on how many have been following or unfollowing you recently.

Just Tweet It
This tool is organized by genre and it can help you find other users to connect with.

Mr. Tweet
It will make it easy for you to find great people to follow.  This will help you expand your network easily.

Who Should I Follow

It will analyze your past 199 tweets and it will auto-schedule your tweets.  It will publish your tweets when they have the highest impact.  This will lead to more retweets, more mentions and more Twitter followers.

My Cleenr
It is a tool that will allow you to remove inactive or useless accounts that you have been following.  You can delete them by just clicking on a button.

Less Friends
This tool allows you to divide everyone into 3 groups: “People who follow you but you don’t follow back,” “People who you follow but who don’t follow you back,” and “People who you follow and also follow you back.”  This will help you get noticed and they will start following you.  Just make sure you are providing them with useful information.

It will automate the process of finding relevant people to follow by examining all the people you follow for you and by producing follower-trends.

It will give you Twitter-related information about those who just followed you on Twitter.  It delivers the information directly to your inbox.

These Twitter tools will surely help you manage and organize your Twitter account.  They are also very useful to increase your Twitter followers.  They are easy to download and simple to use.  Just a few clicks and they are ready to use.

Top Twitter Apps For Photo And Video Sharing

Twitter is not only a useful tool to create or strengthen personal relationships but it is also an important marketing tool.  With today’s modern technology, multimedia is the best way to make your company visible and build brand awareness to your target consumers.  Two of the most powerful tools in multimedia are photo sharing and video sharing.

Photo and video sharing are important means to introduce marketing strategies and broaden your product’s reach.  Here are the best Twitter apps for Photo and video sharing:

Twitpic ( FREE
You can share your photos and videos on Twitter sent from your email, mobile phone or from the site.

Frog ( FREE
It will allow Twitter users to share photos and videos on Twitter.  You will be able to embed your photos or videos anywhere because Yfrog automatically generates HTML code for each photograph/video.

TweetPhoto ( FREE
It allows you to instantly share photos to social networking site such as Tweeter from a mobile device and on the web.

Twitgoo ( FREE
It is a reliable way to quickly share photos in Twitter.  It can zoom in your photos and you will be able to have a link to the photo’s raw file.

Mobypicture ( FREE
It directly shares your photos, texts, videos and audios with all of your friends on your social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, vimeo, etc.

VidTweeter ( FREE
It is a tool that will enable you to create a link to a customized page that includes the video that you like to share.  Instead of giving an external link, it is best that you will show a direct link to your customized page.

Twittimg ( FREE
You can log in to your Twitter account and start sharing your photos.

TwitVid ( FREE
It will enable you to share videos from your mobile video, computer or from webcam.

BubbleTweet ( FREE
It allows your video to look like it is right on your own Twitter page.  It will also allow you to talk with your Twitter followers instead of just using text messaging.

Pikchur ( FREE
You can send pictures directly to your Twitter account from your phone or email. ( FREE
This will allow you to upload and tag your photographs.  You will be able to share your photos to your friends and followers.

All of the Twitter apps I mentioned above will surely help you reach your target market through multimedia tools.  It will also increase your Twitter followers and make them aware of your brand and your company.  Thus, it will create traffic to your website.

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