The New Twitter

Yesterday, I decided to explore this new twitter just to experience how true the rumor is. Amazingly I found out that the site is more user friendly and it allows faster access to any page compared to its former design, which means you don’t have to leave your present screen to navigate different sections of the website.

It also included more media compatibility so that you can view video & images right from your twitter interface.

I tell you guys it is very cool! Anyhow, here is a short video for you to have an initial idea about this new twitter. Good luck and enjoy watching.

CEO Evan Williams Explains the New Twitter Interface

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the new Twitter, which finally provides an official way to share links to Twitter and display the number of times each link has been shared. The new Twitter also allows you to tweet without leaving the page and show you the count for the number of tweets for that particular page. Well, this is an exciting thing!

Below, I have included a short video about the new Twitter interface. The CEO himself will explain it to you. Enjoy watching!

The Awesome Things about the New Twitter

I guess you already have an idea on the new Twitter but I just want to share to you some things I’ve discovered on the new site. Basically here is a video that talks about some of the new functions, the layouts and the designs in this new Twitter.

Here is a quick video I found talking about all those new features.

If you know other videos about this new Twitter, do share it with us.

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