A Twitter Tool That Gives You Keyword Alerts

There are many twitter tools out there that have various functions and that i use, I have used this particular tool for a while now to provide me with keyword alerts among other things. What is a keyword alert? Well basically lets say you have a pet shop business, and you are interested in people that are talking about cat food or looking for cat food (random example i know – forgive me). What you would do is use this twitter tool to tell you everyone that has mentioned the words “cat food” in the last 24 hours. This is a keyword alert. You can then find and follow people that are in your target market or answer a question that they might have which will gain you popularity and trust in your target market.

For example using the tool, you might get a keyword alert that says : Sue says “what is the best cat food for my cat?” – you could answer saying, the brand “LastNightsLeftovers” is not only popular with cats but has more vitamins and minerals than any other catfood, only 5 stores sell it and I can help you get it. I know I know silly example but you get the point :)

The twitter tool I use is called socialoomph and has been pretty cool in automating a lot of the tasks that i conduct on twitter. From automating my direct messaging, to auto-following people that follow me and even scheduling tweets to go out at a certain time.

This is also a key strategy in getting a lot of targeted twitter followers, because by helping people that are relevant to you in your target market, you build followers that are interested in what you have to say :) Anyhow this video is a little demonstration of how the keyword alert works.

Whats funny as you will notice in the video, I planned to show you how i would reply to someone that was asking a question online and for some reason the day i was filming, my keyword alert only had people promoting affiliate offers!!! Doh! And no-one asking a real question (which sometimes happens). Anyhow i think it still demonstrates pretty well how to get a keyword alert and hope that you find it useful :)

Get More Twitter Followers By Recording A Unique Welcome Message

How can a unique welcome message help you get more twitter followers? Well, my twitter welcome rap did, and here is how I used this strategy along with a great twitter tool.

I did a twitter course once and it said, try and do something that is unique to everyone else and this will help you stand out. So I looked at what everyone else was doing online (and trust me I have about 30’000 followers so I know what a lot of people are doing out there…)

…Anyhow when you would follow many people, they would send you an automated direct message that i would never in my life click on! Now I still wanted to automate a welcome message because I have so many followers, but I also wanted to send a message to people that they would be happy to receive and actually start to like me a little more!

I mean how could I expect people to take me seriously as someone online if I just tried to sell and could not make an impression or get people to know a little bit about me.

This actually wasn’t the only objective, I wanted people to tell their friends about me so that I could get even more followers. So I ended up recording this twitter welcome rap.

Now, what many people don’t know is that it took me a long time to work on this and plan it.

The first step was the idea. It took me forever to think of doing a twitter rap!And I’m glad because I think it even turned out better than I hoped.

The next step was recording it.  That decision was made even if I had no video filming or editing experience. I made so many mistakes, requiring me to make a couple of  takes! In fact the video is actually a mashup of all the takes I did, I didn’t actually plan to do it on so many takes, but I think this worked out better. I filmed it so many times in two months that parts of the video are in two different countries!!!

Anyhow, once I filmed this (and by the way I have put up and taken down lots of versions) everyone who started to follow me was sent a welcome message saying “Thanks for following me -This is the most unique welcome you will ever receive – A twitter welcome rap (and the link)”.

I sent this to people using Socialoomph which is a great twitter tool for automating following, unfollowing, scheduling tweets and sending direct messages.

What happened afterward is those people who just started to follow me would retweet my message to their followers, saying “check this guy’s welcome message it is really unique.” In turn, it got me more visits to my blog, more exposure, more interest and more followers on twitter.

This is a great little tip- have a really unique welcome message, it will make people like you, interact with you, get you more followers and have your twitter followers understand you a little bit better and trust you more :) So think of a unique welcome message for your latest twitter followers. They’ll sure love you for the effort.

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