Twitter Search in Plain English

Twitter Search is a great tool for helping you build more targeted twitter followers. Basically you can search for people that are talking about your market, product or interest, engage them in conversation and voila they are more likely to follow you and be interested in what you have to say. A great and simple way to have more twitter followers using a free twitter tool!

Here is a great video explaining what twitter search is and how it works – Twitter Search in plain English:

Top Twitter Tools To Get More Followers & More

Here are a list of some of the top twitter tools that I use:

I used these twitter tools to follow people and get more targeted twitter followers, find content to tweet about, automate my twitter management and keep a balance of all my twitter followers. Here is a video explaining all the twitter tools and under the video I have links to all the tools that I use.

Get A Explanation of Each Twitter Tool Below
Finding people:
Twitter Search
What to say :
Shorten links and track:


Twitter Karma

Automation Tools:
If you are looking to have a whole bunch of targeted twitter followers that listen to what you have to say and follow your every word, then here are some amazing tools that you should seriously look into.
Finding People:
Twitter Search Tool– This is great for conducting a once of search, sometimes if there is something topical that happens or a day that is special this is the tool to use.
Google Advanced Search (search on the site – Google advanced search is basically exactly the same as above but with more steps involved. Because you have to click on advanced and etc. Although this might be easier to find exact phrases and the google search engine may give you different results to the twitter search engine
Socialoomph- This service is super amazing and what I got started with and still use to this day. In this section I will just talk about its ability to find people. This tool is great because you can get daily keyword lists sent to you, personally I love this tool and you will find it very useful.
Tweetadd- Very powerful and time saving, you can conduct a search for certain keywords and then make a list of all the people that are worth adding related to that keyword.
It simplifies the whole process by just making a list in the software memory and then it will start adding people. It will never add the same person twice, has the benefit of you not having to click on each name and follow each person individually which takes AAAGGGEEES! Fast simple, and super time saver if you are doing this long term. It is however the only non free service but at the same time it is a small once off fee as opposed to other services that charge monthly so in my eyes well worth it.

Finding out what to say:
Stufftotweet– This is a super amazing website that has all the top stories from around the internet on any particular day, if you are looking to tweet things that people will find interesting then this is a great spot for pre-tested content.
It is already popular and people have said they liked it, if it is on the site. I go there constantly and get all the top stories from twitter, digg, , cnn, youtube and many many more.
Obviously not every story will be suitable for your business, but I can say with confidence that I am sure that you will find something of interest always to the people that are following you, and that is what it is all about.
My only warning is careful, the site is addictive and you can end up spending ages on there reading all the great stories ?

Shorten and track:
If you are getting links from sites like the one above then you really must shorten the links, but why just shorten, many url shortening services will now tell you how many clicks you have got on your link and give you a whole bunch of analytics. One example is, you need to fit your message and url into 140 characters, even less if you want people to retweet your message (a retweet is where your followers forward your message onto people they know and give you credit)

Balancing Tools: -
This is a simple tool, enter your username, it will tell you who is following you and who isn’t, it is then a bit of a hassle since you have to unfollow each person individually but that also makes it a great tool if you are trying to be very careful. Also this does not need to log into your account.
Twitter Karma
This tool is very powerful, basically it will tell you all those people who are not following you and you can bulk unfollow all these people. The only issue is if people don’t use this properly they could potentially hurt their marketing efforts. Always try and give people a chance to follow you after you have added them. I would use this, add people for a couple of days, then hold on for three and then use twitter karma to bulk unfollow. This also requires you to login so that it can do everything for you.
Possibly the best because you can bulk unfollow but it also has the fail safe system so that you don’t unfollow people that you have just added. This also allows you to do both daily. Again while the others are free this is a one off fee for the software.

Automation Tools:
Socialoomph -
This one is great and a great beginner tool, with it you can automate and schedule your tweets, you can automatically follow back people when they add you, it will send you keyword lists and a couple more bits and bobs. Definitely worth having a look at, it is free and there is an optional upgrade, I found that the free version perfectly suited all of my needs and it really is useful for scheduling, automatically following those people that follow you, and even automatically sending people a welcome message.
By far my favourite of the bunch, I have used all the other tools but when I started using this it automated 90% of what I used to do before, while you can definitely do all the tasks above for free, this will pretty much save you an hour or two every day and for me that was worth it. In fact the tool once set up properly can have you building profitably just doing 15mins a day. The biggest time saving activities come in the form of adding people, it does it automatically so you don’t have to click each link and click each page.
Also the unfollow it always waits three days to unfollow people, plus it is super intuitive so it stops you making mistakes. It also does what socialoomph does, automatically follows back, schedules messages etc. Basically this one is the all in one software.

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