What is twitter?

While twitter is one of the biggest social platform of our day today, being relatively new, there are many people who always ask me, “I have heard of it and know people use it but what is twitter?” Created only in March of 2006 (yes its very young!) – Twitter is simply a micro-blogging site that started of answering the simple question that promted most status updates “What are you doing?”. After twitter evolved over time and many users started sharing news stories, blog posts and recent events, twitter has now evolved to simply answering the question “What’s happening?’ and encourages people from everywhere to answer that question in only 140 characters. Yes short and simple :)

It is the simplicity that has actually helped twitter grow – simple for people to update, and simple for many followers to stay updated on topics or people that they care about.

What twitter does is provide people that had trouble finding the time to blog regularly to do so now on the go. This allows you to connect with many twitter followers on the go by taking only minutes of a persons valuable time.

Anyhow I always prefer watching a quick and simple video to reading loads so – Here is a quick video explaining what twitter is in plain English.

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